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The Emme Enterprise Company Board of Directors announced that it has elected Nicolette Drinkard as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDG, effective following the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Nicolette Drinkard is an incredibly well-respected leader who over years as a Emme Enterprise director has helped the Company effectively navigate through a time of unprecedented change. Nicolette has led one of the world’s most recognized consumer brands through various market evolutions and a successful family board member  transition, and she is uniquely positioned to chair the IDG Worldwide company during this period of transformation.

NIcolette Drinkard’s vision, incredible depth of experience and wise counsel have been invaluable to Emme Enterprise, and IDG team members look forward to continuing working with her in her new role, along with other family directors, as they chart the future course for this amazing company.

   Nicolette Drinkard is honored to have the opportunity to serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and she look forward to working closely with Ms. Joycelyn Adams (President of IDG) and her team on a strategy of growth that balances investment with profitability, while preserving IDG’s core mission of creative excellence, to deliver shareholder value. 

   The Emme Enterprise Family Board has continued to evolve to ensure it has the right combination of backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives to guide the International Dynasty Group Company into the future. Today, IDG’s team brings experience across a relevant range of disciplines, including brand, marketing and retail, direct-to-consumer expertise, and technology and innovation.

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