Henryson Balogun/ ID Board Member  

President of all European Operations. Reports to the CEO of International Dynasty Group. Artist Management

Art, Artist Management and Music can be considered as one of the mediums that express human creativity and provide a glimpse to the human inner world, thoughts or personal views.

The people in the renaissance era were very creative and attempted to originate things that encompass the meaning of art.

Now, Art and Music has a very huge domain of interest such as visual arts, music literature, sculpture, writing, dress making, language and even food art.

All these disciplines of study have a significant place in molding the human life.

We dedicated to his late Uncle, "Jimi Debayo-Doherty" otherwise known as "A Jimi Dodo" - The Black Sheep of the family and to him - the funkiest person in the world,

The owner of the nite club and named the BLACK PUSSY CAT I remember him driving around the Madia Vale - area of London with his older brother Toks and himself, in a drop down convertible cars - Porsche 356B Cabriolet or his 1967 Triumph Spitfire two seater, up and down Hamilton Terrace, St John Woods, London England, NW8

Family background

About his heritage

His Grandfather

Theophilus Adebayo Doherty was a Nigerian businessman and politician who represented Lagos on the platform of the Nigerian National Democratic Party in the Legislative Council

of Nigeria during the nation's colonial era. In 1933, along with Olatunde Johnson and a few other businessmen, he founded the National Bank of Nigeria.

He also became a prominent member of the Nigerian Association of African Importers and Exporters, the association was designed to link African traders who depend on foreign firms for goods with overseas trading houses and also act as an African Chamber of Commerce.

In the 1940s, the association was a leading indigenous elite business group that negotiated trading concessions with the colonial government.