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Joycelyn Adams is an American media executive and the Executive President of the International Dynasty Group. She is the President from 2019 to present. Before working for IDG, Adams served as the president of Whitney Houston Fan Foundation from 2014 to 2015, and as president of Drinkard Music Group from 2019 until IDG's acquisition of the company in 2018.

She was named Vice president of IDG in 2018, and later succeeded Rheasmaine Emmerson as President in 2019 after a successful effort by Rheasmaine Emmerson to shake up the management of the company. During Adam's tenure, IDG broadened the company's roster of intellectual properties and its presence in international markets; Adams oversaw the acquisitions of Robinson International Group in 2019, ID Public Relations Department in 2020, as well as the expansion of the company's entertainment divisions in Europe/Africa, with the introduction of International Dynasty Group European Division in 2021, respectively.

Adams is the driving force behind the re-invigoration of International Dynasty Film Studios and the branded-release strategy of its film studio's output. Under Adams, IDG has experienced increases in revenue across its various divisions.

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