Sarah Drinkard family adviser for International Dynasty Group taking over the duties on August 1st, 2019. An Entrepreneur's role is akin to that of a great chef; gathering and all the right ingredients and mixing them perfectly together, achieving something uniquely special. They're been standouts names for years; all serving up the right dish for public consumption. There's a new name on the horizon, whose first-time efforts immediately establish him in that upper echelon.


Drinkard says, "From GAINING FOLLOWERS to GETTING ARTICLES. We do it all. With the connections we have by being among-st the music industry we know who to talk to and where to place artist to get the RIGHT recognition." She also states "In this day and age, the role of the advisor is very versatile and demanding do largely to the increasing importance of modern technology. This is because of this modernization that managers must also be very flexible and creative in order to adapt to the changing industry. While still managing to efficiently reach their goals."


After that, Sarah has also proven herself to be an adviser of International Dynasty. The Family business stems from a long line of family members that have grace the stage for over 50 years. Including Smokey Robinson, Claudette Robinson, the Miracles; To the Drinkard Singers, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston and many many more who has helped the music industry become a billion dollar company to date.