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The movie script tells the story of Claudette Robinson, dubbed the First Lady of Motown
by the label’s founder, Berry Gordy, and the sole female member of The Miracles, the first
group signed to Motown. Along with original members Smokey Robinson, Ronnie
White, Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers and guitarist Marv Tarplin, The Miracles led the way
for a generation of musicians and performers that emerged in Detroit during the 50s and
60s. Artists like Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Four tops, Stevie Wonder and Michael
Jackson, among many others, changed the world of music forever.


Knight is a story about the realization that you are only as strong as those that you surrond yourself with. It's a story in the vein of Iron Man and Thor, where a well do individual has the carpet ripped out from under them and must journey back to find themselves and do right by their friends and family. This movie has the potential to be our answer to Black Panther. An intimate charcter drama about a man searching for redemption through saving his family.

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The CAR GUYS, at a local car lot, are introduced in the PILOT and viewers meet a very special cast of characters; some quirky, some on the make, some on the take! Not only are the regular cast members selling cars, secondary characters come and go from episode to episode, as well. There’s always a chance someone may stand out in the secondary cast from occasional celebrity guest appearances in cameo roles. When it happens, a standout character might be given a recurring role in the series. There’s always room for one more!



Hollywood (Webseries)

Hollywood (Webseries) follows a group of young adults living in the bright lights of Hollywood, CA as they deal with the craziness that comes along with going into adult hood in the fast life.


"Redemption," based loosely on the life of singer Felicia Moss Eaton. Company states: "Felicia is the daughter of Anne Moss Drinkard, a legendary gospel choir director of the historic New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. 

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